Please visit the Instructions Page at the bottom of the site to view the Instructional Booklet for Comfy Joey Ring Slings 

Wearing your baby is extremely convenient! It allows you to walk around without having to worry about steps, crowds, aisles and all the other bothersome things you have to be concerned with while using a stroller. Car seats are awkward and bulky for parents to carry and position your baby at your knees where they are not seeing, learning, and experiencing the world.

A sling can help focus a distracted baby while nursing and can make discreet nursing easily achievable in public places. Slings and carriers are wonderful to use as a changing pad, blanket, or burp cloth when away from home.

Wearing your baby also promotes bonding! When a baby is attached to a parent or caregiver, he feels connected to that person and feels comforted as he was in the womb. Research has shown that when preemies are touched, cuddled, and held, they gain weight quicker and are healthier in general than preemies that are not. Swings, bouncers, and other unnatural devices do not promote the same benefits.

Finding time to exercise with a newborn is usually difficult, but wearing your baby makes it easier! You can take a brisk walk, benefiting you both. Wearing your baby is soothing to him, making him calmer and can help prevent over-stimulation.

Toddlers can quickly feel overwhelmed by strangers in public places, but when securely in a sling may feel more confident. Instead of running loose in a crowd or other dangerous places, a toddler in a sling or carrier is held safely next to you.

Slings and baby carriers are generally more affordable than strollers or framed backpacks, and simpler to use. Many mothers consider the sling to be one of their most useful and economical possessions, and with any luck, you will too.

Please remember that, while your Comfy Joey seems easy to use, learning to use a baby sling will take time and practice. Persistence is key to learning to place your baby comfortably inside your pouch carrier. It is best if your child is fed and rested before you begin. 

**Make sure that the bottom rail of the ring sling pocket is always between you and baby for all carries**

The instructions above show the rings being worn on the "RIGHT" shoulder. If you will be wearing the rings on your "LEFT" shoulder, switch the "lefts" and "rights" in the following directions.

**Please read all safety guidelines before using your Comfy Joey**