The Comfy Joey Sizing Table and instructions below apply to our pouches, for which a perfect fit is critical to comfort and safety. For ring slings, which are designed to be adjustable, size is essentially a matter of how how long you prefer your sling tail.

All of our slings are measured along one rail (aka edge) of the sling from the point where the fabric meets the rings to the tip of the tail. Sizes go up in 5-inch increments and are cut generously to allow for shrinkage (an extra 3 inches). After a wash X-Small slings are 60" long, Small slings are 70 inches long, Mediums are 75 inches long, Larges are 80 inches long, X-Larges are 85 inches long and 2x-Larges are 90 inches long.

Comfy Joey strives to be inclusive and thanks to our on-call seamstress, we can make any size sling you desire. Please contact us at for a custom order! 

If you are between sizes and prefer a longer sling, please size up. If you prefer a shorter sling, please size down.

STEP 1: Match your measurements with the number values from the top of the row in the Sizing Table. 
STEP 2: Add the number values within the columns to find your total number. 
STEP 3: Match the total number to the appropriate Comfy Joey size below.

EXAMPLE USING MY MEASUREMENTS: Height (2), Pre-Pregnancy Weight (1), Pre-Pregnancy Fitted T-Shirt (1), Shoulders (1), Under Arm/Above Chest (1), Shoulder to Opposite Hip (1). The total number I get is a 7; therefore I am a Comfy Joey Size Small.

Use your Pre-Pregnancy size if you are pregnant