Phuket *LEMON-GRASS LINEN* size Medium only

Phuket *LEMON-GRASS LINEN* size Medium only

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The mouth watering aroma of Tom Yum Goong simmering somewhere reaches under the shade to tickle your nose, as you and your baby rest after a long morning of play in Phuket. This vibrant, Lemon-Grass sling is paired perfectly with silver SlingRings for the consummate summer vacation sling: tropical island, big city, or just hanging around the house.

Our 100% linen fabric, airy and supportive, though a bit stiff at first, will soften with wash and use. Linen slings are good for newborns or toddlers, and excellent for summer heat.

Care: If some of your soup should splash on your Phuket, just drop it in the machine for a cold wash on gentle and air dry.

Shoulder: CJ-Hybrid Shoulder  

Care: Cold Wash/Air Dry  

FabricA Single-Layer of 100% Linen  

Rings: Medium Silver SlingRings  

Use: 8 to 35 pounds

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