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Your Enchanted-Purple Pfieffer Beach keeps your busy toddler secure while you pack up supplies for your afternoon beach adventure. As you crest the hill from your rustic lodge to the beach below, your breath catches.. before you lays the most beautiful sight!! The sandy beach is the most enchanting shade of purple.. the soft waves lapping at the shore.. the peaceful solitude of the Enchanted-Purple sand.. You and your family are in for a magical afternoon.. exploring.. relaxing.. absolute delight.. in your Enchanted-Purple sling!!

Our 100% linen fabric, airy and supportive, though a bit stiff at first, will soften with wash and use. Linen slings are good for newborns or toddlers, and excellent for summer heat.

Care:  If your Pfieffer Beach is in need of a gentle washing, dip in the cool beach water (but keep a firm grasp.. you don't want your Enchanted-Purple sling to slip away!) and hang in the breeze to dry.

Shoulder: CJ-Hybrid Shoulder  

Care: Cold Wash/Air Dry  

FabricA Single-Layer of 100% Linen  

Rings: Medium Silver SlingRings  

Use: 8 to 35 pounds

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