About Us

Welcome to Comfy Joey! 

Thank you so much for visiting our store! Comfy Joey has a long history of producing high quality slings with impeccable quality. Comfy Joey was founded in 2005 by company owner and Mom of four, Ayesha Ghatala-Shoaib. After the birth of her second child, Ayesha discovered that she needed a better way to carry her baby, whom she fondly referred to as her Joey, and the company was born. 

In 2018 Comfy Joey has exciting news! We are an all Mom owned and operated team plus we are launching shipping to Canada! After passing our linen slings through regulations, we are excited to announce that we passed and now have our manual in French! 

Comfy Joey Slings are handmade in the USA in Boise Idaho and feature a series of pleats and folds that spread across the shoulder, giving it a huge for ultimate comfort. This shoulder, known as the CJ Hybrid maximizes freedom of movement for the ring-side arm with very little bulk. With many years of great customer reviews, we are sure you'll love it too. 

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